i-tip extensions question

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i-tip extensions question

Post by Magdalena » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:01 am

Hello everyone..

So, Ive been trying out different brands of i-tip extensions. I started out using micro rings, and just tried the micro cylinders. I was certified to use Dream Catchers hair, and i love the tips, of this hair. They are rubberized, and do not stay smoosh down like most i-tips do, when you remove them from the ring. So when you adjust them, the tip does not really deteriorate, as with more inexpensive hair. The hair is excellent quality too, but it is very very pricey. Has anyone else come across an i-tip that has "almost spongy like" feel to it, like dreamcatchers hair? I love the tips being so durable. It just amazes me. I want to recreate that tip.

I normally use doc locks standard i-tip. I havent tried the bliss hair, they carry, yet. I have rejuvenated tips using liquid gold before, but it has a slight stickyness to it after it gets clamped back into place, upon the next adjustment.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to possibly rubberize the tips of hair that has a firm tip. I thought maybe rubber cement, but I didnt know if I should use that. lol

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