VIDEO: Custom Made full lace wig

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VIDEO: Custom Made full lace wig

Post by Diavolos » Mon May 06, 2013 4:41 am

Hello friends, this is another video I made about a wig I finished... and then ruined from vanity.

This is a custom made full lace wig (custom to my head), made on a budget. Total cost of all materials is a little more than 5 euros... yes 5 euros.

I used tulle from bridal shop which is like 1 euro for about 1x2 meters... enough to make ten caps. So this cost me around 10~20 cents to make.

And cheap kanekalon braiding hair that costs about 2,5 euros per package (I used two packages, so it is 5 euros for the hair)


I ventilated the whole unit single knotted, and only 2 hair strands per hole in the lower part (to keep it light with density) and 3 hair strands at the top of it so as to make it fuller in the crown.

It came out nicely but then I decided to cut it short using clippers and I simply ruined it. It is unusable in my opinion so I omitted this part on the video. I'll onyl show you how it looked before ruined.


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