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Mizsyn !

Post by mizsyn » Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:19 am


I'm Sarah, from a strange little city called Ypsilanti a suburb of Detroit. :)

I have been around the fake hair world for almost ten years now. Wow. I was around for Quinn's EZ Board, and was a mod/admin on the Heavenly Hair board. I also took over the Heavenly Hair archives, which are currently under coding distress hah! {However submissions will still be accepted for once I have a chance to revamp and finish work on the archives.}

I am currently working towards my cosmetology license, which is something I should have done a long time ago. But life kinda got in the way!

I don't really make synthetic dreads these days, I tend to do more installs. I still make roving dreads but only for myself hah! I am focusing a lot on fusion and other loose extension methods at the moment.

For many years I operated as http://www.evildolly.com {also under coding distress, so many projects so little time}

A bit more about me personally rather then hair related:
I grew up in Ypsi, and can't seem to leave this place hah. I have three kitties - Leia, Cloud and Perl {Yes named after the programming language}, and two crested geckos which are working on breeding.
I live in an awesome house in an awesome neighborhood and am very VERY involved in my local politics.
I have been married for a bit over two years, and with my husband for nearly 10.

Well I will probably add more to this later!


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